All orders are automatically processed and delivered. The average delivery time for all products is 2-3 hours. Orders are started within an hour, sometimes it can happen that it takes longer before your order is started, this is due to overload on the server. Below you will find how long it takes on average before delivery starts per product. 👉 The real UK followers always have a start-up time of 12 to 24 hours!
If you do not see any results after 12 hours or if you have a question about your order, please email


Start-up time: 0-1 hour*
*except UK followers, they have a startup time of 24 hours and a slow delivery time of 20-30 per day


Start-up time: approx. 10 min. The delivery of views starts quickly and they are delivered at high speed, up to 20,000 per day.


Average startup time likes: 10 min - 1 hour Automatic likes are active within 12 to 24 hours!


Comments are custom written and have a processing time of 24 hours
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    After your order has been placed, it will be automatically processed.
  • 10 minutes to 1 hourStart delivery

    Delivery usually starts within an hour. With some products this takes longer.
  • 0-24 hoursOrder Complete

    Most products are delivered within 24 hours. Exceptions are indicated below and the exact delivery speed can also be found on the product pages.